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Ordinary Kids: Domestic Stitchery:
Ordinary Kids Cast and Domestic Stitchery for all of your rocky wares. /

The Screaming Seamster:
Accessories, costume pieces, boas, patches, transit stuff, etc.

RKO Army:
Cult movie pins, magnets, and more!

Lola Montez Art:
Risqué and sexy illustrations, available as stickers, prints, postcards, etc
Erotic art and RHPS specific art. Like the art from RKOCon4 but more!

Maximum Weeaboo:
Animation, plus Film Nerd extras.

Pure Romance by Nancie:
Women's sexual health and wellness products. 

John Davey: My Mom is Dead:
​Focusing on Rocky Horror related audio oddities, plus all other shit you 
should waste your money on.

Pre-styled wigs for Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment, Repo and Reefer Madness

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