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It is our expectation that all con attendees will treat all other con goers, con staff, hotel staff, any of our vendors, and the hotel itself with courtesy and respect.

There is a zero tolerance policy for any type of harassment, assault, or other nonconsensual inappropriate behaviors. Violating these policies can and will result in removal from the convention without a refund and in extreme cases may warrant contacting the authorities.

As with past cons, we will be adopting RKO’s colored wrist band system in regard to consent. I will post a graphic below. The only color wrist band not included in the graphic is purple. Purple is for those attendees wishing to remain sober. We respect people’s sobriety in this house, so please do not offer them anything if they have one of these wristbands on.

Our contract with the hotel requires us to have hired security for a portion of the convention, They will be in effect From 3pm-11pm on Friday and Saturday.

Aside from this, our internal con security consists of three people. Myself (Ryan Wilson a cis-gender man), Mollie Pancer (a cis-gender woman), and Jack C. Wood (a trans man). You may go to any one of us during the con, based on your comfort with any security issues that may need to be reported. Like the subway, we are taking the “if you see something, say something” approach to safety. Concerns during the con can be addressed to us via facebook messenger, and in person. As we get closer, we will also be posting a phone number to reach us at all hours.


In the event of any instances of harassment or those being made to feel uncomfortable by another individual, our security team may ask an individual to refrain further contact with an individual for the duration of the convention (contact meaning: speaking with or engaging with). If this is requested, any violation of such request may lead to a person being removed from the convention and barred from participating in any further con activities. If such an incident occurs and requests to disengage are continually ignored, hotel security/and or local authorities may be involved.


  • Smoking and vaping should be done only outside of the hotel (e.g the hotel courtyard and in front of the hotel, etc)

  • The con only has rented space each night until 4am. The ballroom will close at 2am each night, and the parlor rooms at 4am. These spaces cannot be occupied after those times.

  • Any complaints from the hotel that may occur with individual guests regarding noise or conduct are that of the policies of the hotel. There is little we can do about this if they feel you have violated any of their rules. So please be mindful of this while having room parties.

  • Vendors may begin setting up at 10am Friday and Saturday. While vendors may leave their wares in the room Friday night overnight, we do not recommend this as we cannot guarantee the security of your belongings.

  • A question came up regarding appropriate attire around the hotel. We feel this is a common sense policy, simply make sure that all private areas are covered.

  • There will be cash bars in the ball room during the parties each night until 2am. Please be mindful of walking around outside of these areas with alcoholic beverages.


  • As discussed in the casting emails, performers are to wear full coverage underwear, pasties/nipple coverings, and refrain from using phallic images or objects.

  • Please be advised that we use professional-grade lighting and spotlights, so we do also suggest double-layering underwear to avoid any garments from becoming sheer.


We feel everything here is fairly straight forward and based on common sense practices. If anyone has any questions, please let us know.

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